Japanese Restaurant “Spirit・Technique・Body Urufu”

Japanese Restaurant “Spirit・Technique・Body Urufu”

Japanese Restaurant
“Spirit・Technique・Body URUFU”

Think your body and your diet.

“Spirit・Technique・Body Urufu” is a restaurant where you can easily enjoy
the splendor of the high-class ingredients “Fugu(Blowfish)” and “Suppon(Soft‐shelled Turtle)”.
The 58th Yokozuna (the highest rank in sumo) Chiyonofuji, former Kokonoe training stable master
who has been sticking to “food” to build a supple and strong body, supervised the recipe,
you can enjoy a modern style and traditional style dish.
The signature dish, “Yakifugu (grilled blowfish),” which brings out
the deliciousness of high-protein, low-calorie pufferfish, is not simply grilled,
but you will feel the taste like grilled meat.
In addition, you can also enjoy the “Suppon no Marunabe(Soft‐shelled Turtle Hot Pot)”,
which is rich in collagen and has a rich flavor that is great for women’s skin.
We also have a lineup of a la carte dishes that carefully select “Japanese delicious food”
that the Mr. Kokonoe master met while traveling all over the country.

Please enjoy a modern style of food with “Mind, Technique, and Body Urufu”,
which is also delicious for your body.

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